Local flavors crafted products and healthy food with fresh ingredients for you to take home and enjoy in good company.

Plus, handicraft and souvenirs created by local producers, with local motives and local materials. We put value in what we do and deliver.

This special place

When you dream about something usually you don’t see clearly how to make it happen, real. This is the place that we built with our own hands not knowing how, and now, we fill it with specially selected products that we firmly believe will make a difference.

We encourage you to visit glass-made space surrounded of trees and water, to have a coffee with us, and take with you a good memory in your mind and in your hands.

Mr. Julio

Mr. Julio is a 63 years old men that travelled from the north of Chile to Puerto Williams some day in 1989 looking for new opportunities with his wife. He stayed.

Mr. Julio works in native wood Lenga and Coigüe creating objects with local identity.

In Casa Bagual’s shop you can find his work and part of his history.

Mrs. Patricia

Patricia, yagan woman borned in 1970 in the Marcart island located in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is one of the last heir of the yagan culture that works reed the way her ancestors did thousands of years ago.

The Beavers

Beavers are an exotic mamal introduced in Tierra del Fuego and crossed the Beagle channel to Navarino island. His action destroyes the ecosistem of hundreds of species flooding wide areas of land. Its skin is used to create special local handcrafts.

Casa Bagual

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Casa Bagual

Casa Bagual - Instagram   Casa Bagual - facebook    Casa Bagual - Mail