About Us

Casa Bagual is a natural place surrounded by native trees located 6km. west from Puerto Willims. Here conscious cooking & environment respect join to welcome you.

Just imagine gathering around a bonfire next to the river, flavorfull local food & people with history sharing a unique experience in the uttermost place on earth.

This is a scenary we’ll make you never forget.

Our Philosophy

We are looking to deliver who visit us our interpretation about what means living and cooking on this island in a healthy, responsible and delicious way.

Our products are created under the base of experimenting and exploring, looking for something that’s honest, ours & overall, yummy.

We believe
in local trade

We are electricity

we are commited
with our environment

The Kitchen

The sound of the river, the view of the mountains and the Beagle channel, the bonfire warmth, the smell of just baked bread, local flavors and sharing the experience of being in the uttermost place on earth.

The Shop

We invite local producers and craftsman to create unique pieces that you can take home as a souvenir of your Navarino expercience.
Handicrafts, organic products & local gastronomy submerged into the woods.

The workshops

Giving value to food is about learning how to cook it and sharing it, appreciate the resources and not to waste them, knowing where do they come from, how to choose them and make the most of them.

Feet on Earth

María José Albornoz, audiovisual director and publisher, writer and most importantly, my sister, shares a chronicle that summarizes what it means to visit and live in this small piece of land that exists perched in the seas of the south of the planet.

The king crab

The king crab

The king crab and its cousin the cricket, crustaceans that live in the southern seas of the South Pacific to the Fuegian archipelago.

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Casa Bagual

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Casa Bagual

Casa Bagual - Instagram   Casa Bagual - facebook    Casa Bagual - Mail